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Platzona offers quality websites. Platzona creates websites for you according to individual specifications on the basis of individual agreements.

Platzona guarantees that the customer websites can be called up on Platzona's servers under short domains freely assigned by Platzona or under your own domain, insofar as you provide Platzona with the DNS data required for this.

You can in your dashboard expand the scope of the software by booking individual modules.

After the request you will get a sub-domain with your own freely selected business name. Name your website followed with .platzona.com

In programming, a module is a section of code that is added in as a whole or is designed for easy reusability. A module is a distinct assembly of components that can be easily added, removed or replaced in a larger system. 

In accordance with the service description, Platzona provides you with programs, tools, code and scripts (hereinafter “software”) for the creation, operation and administration of your website on Platzona’s servers

The services provided by Platzona are described according to type and scope on the Platzona website in the respective tariffs/modules or come about through individual communication.

Platzona gets the job done very quickly, expeditiously and on time.

Your customer number on your bills and also in the upper left under the business logo icon

The features are located in the admin area => on the left menu bar => under Activate Features

in your admin area => on the left menu bar => under the menu name = Activate Features => the page with the heading => Book Features appears => you can add the respective features to the shopping cart => click on the Book Now button

You can see the term of your contract (start of contract, earliest possible end of contract and latest possible receipt of cancellation) in the admin area under the menu item Invocies => select the view button for your invoices there. You can find the contract period in every invoice, at the top left under the company name, owner name, address, customer number...

Cancellations can be submitted in text form or via the cancellation button Manage Profile => Profile => Cancel contract

You can but not supposed to be. Features that are set to zero do not have to be booked again. The features that are at zero are already available for the website. 

The expired features (time) can easily be booked again.

No, an installation is not necessary.



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